Sunday, October 29, 2017

Teal Strappy Sandals

I know I'm a little behind schedule as far as listing my high heels for sale on ebay, but I will list them soon.  Anyone want a sexy pair of strappy sandals?

I Wore Pantyhose And Ballet Flats In Front Of My Wife And She Didn't Say A Word About It

I wore a pair of coffee colored Legg's pantyhose and black ballet flats while my wife and I washed the dishes.  She never once mentioned my attire.  We washed the dishes and chatted while we worked.  Of course I complained as I went about it, but, she's made me realize over the years, that, the dishes do indeed, have to be done.

I'm a cross dresser.

But it's really not that bad.  I simply like wearing women's clothes.  I don't wear women's clothes all of the time, just in the privacy of my own home when no one except my wife can see me.

I feel sorry or her.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Black Strappy Sandals

I'm a little behind schedule for getting my high heels up for sale on ebay.
I am however going to continue to highlight them on this blog.
These will be listed on ebay soon.  Hopefully withing the next couple of weeks.
The shoes shown below are women's size 12.
Actually, they are all size 12 unless otherwise noted.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sexy Shoes

I've have some very sexy shoes.  I love wearing them and showing them off.  The thing is, I have too many.  You know what?  I want more.  But there's a problem with wanting more.  I'm running out of places to hide them from my wife.  So I'm going to have to sell some of the ones I have to make room for new ones.

I've offered several pairs of my high heels for sale before on this blog.  People have contacted me about buying them.  But, no one has followed through.  So what I'm planning on doing is listing several pairs on Ebay.  That should help cut through the bs that people seem to put out there.

I'm going to preview the shoes on this blog over the next week or two, then list them on Ebay.

If you're interesting in buying some of my sexy high heels, stay tuned, you'll be able to soon.

How would you like these? 


Monday, August 28, 2017

So Close

I thought I'd add a little post
a cute little thing.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

More About A Guy Wearing Ballet Flats

About six weeks ago I bought a couple pair of ballet flats.  I've worn high heels for years but I'd never tried flats before.  I see girls and women wearing them all the time and really like the look.  They're both cute and sexy.  I guess it was inevitable that I try them.

My big concern before I got them was wondering where I was going to hide them.  You know, of course I would have to keep my wife from seeing them.  What guy wears women's shoes in front of his wife?  Right?

Also,  I hadn't planned on buying two pair either.  But, they were on sale and of course, they are just so damn sexy.  So the plan became, where was I going to hide two pairs of ballet flats?

Then, when I got them and tried them on, I looked at them and decided that I wouldn't hide them.  I'd wear them in front of my wife.  That's what I did.  She didn't freak out, but then then again, she wasn't thrilled about it either.  I've worn them in front of her several times, but mostly I've worn them on the weekends after she's gone to bed.  I've been leaving them out in the open where she can easily see them.

It's actually kind of cool to walk around openly wearing pantyhose and my ballet flats are right there in plain sight.

What's funny is that I haven't been wearing my high heels at all since I bought the flats.  Last weekend I pulled out my black stilettos and slipped them on.  You know what?  They felt strange.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ballet Flats

A couple of weeks ago a bought a pair of shoes for my wife.  A pair of black ballet flats.  She didn't like them so I returned them.  Then I bought a couple of pairs for me.  I've worn high heels for many years, but I've never worm flats.  I see women and girls wearing flats often and I really like the look.  I think they are really sexy.  I really hadn't considered them myself until recently.  So I did it.  I bought a black and a brown pair.  I have to tell you, as soon as put them on I got a massive hard on.

As soon as I opened one of the boxes I had an idea.  I wanted to wear them openly in front of my wife.  I just didn't know what to say or how to broach the subject

Keep in mind, I openly wear pantyhose at home.  I come home from work and take a shower and shave my legs.  Afterward I slip on a pair of pantyhose and a tee shirt and that's all.  That's what I wear at home these days.

So how do I suddenly start wearing women's shoes.  I thought about it all week.  How does a man tell his wife that he wants to wear women's cute little sexy ballet flats?

Well I didn't exactly.  I let her "accidentally" see me wearing them briefly when she got up early to use the restroom.  I knew she would use the restroom and then go back to bed.  Then I left them in the living room floor so that she would see them when she got up.  She saw them and didn't say a word.

So now she knows I have them and hasn't even brought it up.  I'm a guy that wears ballet flats.

Honestly, I'm kind of surprised at myself.  A month ago I had even considered doing anything like this at all.