Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Almost Tights Season

Most years I'm looking forward to the cooler weather because it's time to slip into my tights again.  But, since I've been wearing pantyhose all spring and summer, it's something of a disappointment.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Watching Football In Pantyhose

Football season has returned.  Like most football fans, my wife and I hung out and watched games on tv.  Millions of people do it every Sunday.  How many guys are hanging out watching football and wearing pantyhose?  Probably not a lot, but there was at least one.

Here's a few from a little while back.


Sunday, August 28, 2016


You wouldn't think that they feel great, but they do.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Slowed Down A Touch

As a couple of people have noticed, my posts have slowed down a little.  There's been a couple of things that have occurred around here that has put a little crimp on my private "dress up and play alone" time.  I've continued to wear pantyhose each and every evening at home.  In fact, my relax at home "uniform" remains simply a tee shirt and a pair of pantyhose.  I'm almost waiting for my wife to make some comment about the fact that it's been quite a while since she hasn't seen me in pantyhose.

What I haven't been doing is wearing high heels or bra and playing dress up.  My private little photo shoots have also slowed down, but I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things soon.  I haven't quit taking pictures.  It's just that I haven't had time to do any elaborate sessions where I dress up in so called outfits.  Also, I've had some camera issues as well which I hope to fix. 

I hope things will get back to normal soon.  That is if you consider a guy in his fifties wearing pantyhose and high heels and taking selfies normal.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

I Think I've Won

After all these years, I think I've accomplished what I've wanted to do.  I'm able to wear pantyhose openly at home.  My wife accepts that I wear pantyhose.  It's just that simple.

For the past many years I've been wearing opaque tights at home during the cold month's.  Then when the weather turns warm, I've gone bare legged.  This year, instead of just wearing my little short shorts.  I transitioned to pantyhose.

These days, I come home from work, shower and shave my legs, then slip on a pair of suntan pantyhose and tee shirt and that's it.  I'm dressed for the evening.  I don't even bother with shorts or panties these days.

Pantyhose and a tee shirt.

It's that simple.


About a week ago my wife went outside to get the mail or something like that and noticed that the clouds in the sky looked particularly nice.  It looked like a storm was rolling in.  She came in and told me to come take a look.  She knew what I was wearing.  Pantyhose and a tee shirt.  Of course I knew I couldn't go outside dressed that way.  So I quickly grabbed my sweat pants and put them on with a pair of shoes and went out to see what she was talking about.  After checking out the clouds, I went back in and took my sweat pants off.  She came in and said she was getting her camera to take a picture.

It so happens that my camera was in the carI decided that I also wanted to take a couple of pictures as well.  It was so hot out I didn't want to put my sweat pants back on, so I grabbed my little black shorts and put them on.  Honestly, my shorts are so short that you really can't tell I have them under a tee shirt.  So I somewhat tucked the tee shirt in so that my shorts were visible.  I went outside, walked past my wife and retrieved my camera from the car and stood next to her and took a couple of pictures of  the sky.

After a moment she looked down at my legs and realized that I was standing outside, in broad daylight, wearing my little short shorts and suntan pantyhose.  She didn't really say anything, but she did let out a little "humph" sound.

I instantly got a hard on.  I could believe what I was actually doing.  Pantyhose in broad daylight.

A couple of days later she was outside doing something and of course I was inside wearing my now standard attire of a tee shirt and pantyhose.  She came in and called to me to come outside for something.  She knew perfectly well what I was wearing and said.  "Put on some shorts and come out here for a minute".

I couldn't believe what she was saying.   She was knowingly telling me to come outside with my pantyhose clad legs.

She has finally accepted me wearing pantyhose.  I do believe I've finally won.  It's only taken around fifteen years.